With KIEZTAG we designed a high quality souvenir to capture the present zeitgeist of the fast changing multi-faceted city Berlin.

The simple shape and brass material resemble accessories of ancient cultures, combined with sensibilties of the now. We have created an enduring piece which takes you back to a special space, experience, time and moment. The NuKiez souvenirs are available in a limited edition.


Chain Reaction

There is one point … point zero where you can start to change the world. With one action you plant the seed, with one product you are part of a big mission.



4 years ago I have decided to move to Berlin. Due to my theses I have written about second hand textiles and their global impact on traditional handicrafts especially on the African continent, I have found an interesting duo-label based in Berlin.

They dedicate their work to upcyling worn out textiles and to produce high fashion collections with donated garments. I got the chance to work for them as an intern.

This was the start of a new life in a new City, a new mission.

Since then I have moved from one place to another, from one situation and people to other ones… One thing you can definitely do in Berlin is to define yourself new…

I am Nü and my passion is to find new approaches to life. Balancing overproduction and consumption of western countries and the lack of the Third World.

I am deeply thankful for being born in Europe – Austria in a very safe state, where inhabitants don’t have to suffer from existential hazards.

I am as well deeply thankful for my family, who were boat people fleeing from Vietnam to enable a profound change for us, their offspring and the next generation.

Carrying both sides, has made me to the person I am, the work I do, the passion I share.

NuKiez is a souvenir in wonderful remembrance with gratitude and ♥
to all the amazing persons, who inspired me to who I am now…
to all those special moments, places and spaces, where I have found myself…☮

The designed pieces NuKIEZ reflect all beliefs of my work.

Berlin a city which underlays a fast change due to their tourist attractiveness.

With KIEZTAG i have designed a piece which is lasting. As brass jewelries of ancient traditional cultures KIEZTAG should capture the KIEZ culture, wich is a very contemporary topic to discuss about this fast paced city.

The NuKIEZ souvenirs are produced in a limited edition and available as MITTE, PRENZLBERG, X-BERG, FRIEDRICHSHAIN, NEUKÖLLN. You can merge the bordering lines of each Kiez together and let Berlin grow to one.

The aim is to build up a social enterprise with independent foundation structure. Therefore generated income and values will flow into development projects such as “Pack To The Roots”.