Leather Hanoi


If you want to know where to find real leather in Hanoi you can end up jumping into masses and masses of stuff, all with the same smell of cheap plastic.  I remember a saying of my mother “You can get all your heart desires in Vietnam” This “all” is way to much.


What a ride, but she is right…

After a long search through the Hang Da Street I gave up and decided to go to a small place, I discovered through my online research.  Mammon handmade leather is a cute little working space for people interested in leather making.

One can be in leather heaven and it always is hard to decide on what to buy, what to need and what to just love and would like to have, but would just be the beloved extra weight you have to carry around. Shopping for working material is my big passion and I can spend hours and hours on touching, seeing, smelling the material.