Hause Nü stands for high-quality design in combination with traditional textile handicraft in an avant-garde approach. Innovation, sustainability and diversity are unique characteristics of Hause Nü.

The products are manufactured under ethical and philosophical guiding principles – „clean and transparent products“.

 The mission is to increase the quality of life through fostering the competence and creativity of individuals. Hause Nü aims to offer space for an intercultural dialog and development projects.

Hand in hand with our vision of creating a functioning fair textile production in a commune affected by the mass industry and climate change we want to combine design and ethics in our clean products. Our goal is to create a transparent insight for our customers.

As a social enterprise we promote

* sustainable manufacturing in textile productions *

* intercultural exchange *

* the competences and creativity of individuals *

Products and items of Hause Nü are available on custom-made request.